​My favorite drugstore blushes bronzers and highlighters

I would throw in a setting powder is this one but I only have one that i like from the drugstore and it the rimmel stay matte pressed powder in transparent 001. It keeps my face matte all day and the oilyness doesnt come out to play. Thats all I need in a powder.


1. The l’oreal paris true match in baby blossom c1-2. Its at both target and walmart website for $7.99. It gives my skin a cool tone flush. I have very pale skin and i love the pigment on my skin. It blends well and goes on smoothly. 

2. Milani rose powder blush in romantic rose is also a very awesome blush. Its a great value for the money on target website its $6.99. it’s also a cruelty free. I love the color its give your cheeks the real blushing look.


1. The nyx matte bronzer in light blends easily and is long lasting. This is my go to bronzer it  give me a natural looking color to my face and its matte so you can contour. The Ulta website has it for $8.99

2. Wet n wild coloricon bronzer in bikini contest is also a good one and with being only $3.93 on the walmart website not such a bad deal. It’s pigmented the color is great for people like me that are super pale. It has ome sparkle in it. 


1.  Elf baked highlighter in moonlight pearl. At a price on $3 on target website theres no way you can go wrongwith this highlight. It is so pretty on the skin. Lightweight formula that last all day long. Its a highlight people are going to see.

2. The loreal true match powder glow illuminator in n202 rose is a long lasting product. It has every good pigmentation  that also blends well. It give your skin a very natural looking glow but you can always build it up. Its at walgreens for $12.99.

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Fall fashion trends I want to try

​Hey friends! Today i wanna talk about fall fashion trends that i want to try this year.  

The first one being the tshirt dress with the thigh high boots. I love the look of them I’ve been repinning all the pictures with this type of look all over pinterest. 

The next thing I’ve been admiring from a far is the army green jacket trend going around i love the look but Im always scared i won’t be able to pull it off but this year is going to be different I’m going to give it a try.

The last thing I want to try this fall in the fashion department is the skirts that button up the front. They are all so cute and i want to try to see if they look just as cute on me.

comment below the fashion trends you’ve been admiring from a far.

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My fall essentials

​Hi friends! Today Im going to be sharing with you my Fall Essentials comment some of your fall essentials.

1. Flannel shirts- they  are a good way to fall up any outfit

2.  Black skinny jeans- what i live in in the fall 

3. Dark bold lips- the elf matte lip color in cranberry is my go to 

4. Boots/ booties- shoes i live in in fall/ winter months

5.Scarfs- looks good with any outfits and also keeps you warm 

6. Leather jackets- they make everything look put together

7. Oversized sweaters/Cardigans- they are so cozy with a pair of leggings and you look put together but you are comfy and cozy

8. Dark nail polish- my go to is nyc hot chocolate

9. Dark nude lips- my favorite right now is maybelline colorsensational bold in760 gone griege

10. Hoodies- something else i pretty much live in

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Top 5 eyeshadow palettes under $10

​Hey Friends! Today im going to tell you what my top eyeshadow palletes under and right at $10 

1. wet n wild comfort zone pallete ($4.99)

I’m in love with the darker shades in this one. They all have a shimmery or satin finish to them. They blend well. I use the shadow on a daily basis. You get 8 gorgeous colors.
2. Elf matte eyeshadow pallette ($10.00)

The pigmentation of the shadow are amazing. Every shade is so buttery. Comes with all the matte nudes you would ever need you can do a beautiful day time simple look with this or go all out and do a smokey eye.
3. Nyx love in paris eyeshadow pallette in madeleines and macaroons ($10.00)

It has amazing colors in it from nudes to shimmers to the darker colors. The colors blended well and are long lasting.
4. Maybelline the rock nudes ($4.99)

Gorgeous colors that last all day. Prefect to create any thing from a glamorous eye to a everyday smokey eye.
5. Nyx Natural Pallette ($10.00)

This pallet has a great range of nudes. Its great for everyday looks and it stays all day. its easy to build up to get a nice smokey eye to.  The colors blend well and are very pigmented.

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Boyfriend tag

​Hey friends! today Im doing the boyfriend tag. I wrote down what my boy friend said to each question. So i hape you guys enjoy.

1. Where did we meet? walmart when we work ther in april 2014

2: Where was our first date? little mexico in tulsa oklahoma 

3. When did i meet the family? the brother in august and mom and dad in september

4. Do i have any weird obsessions? If so what? not that i no of

5. How long have we been together? over two years 

6. Do we have any traditions as bf/gf? not that i no of 

7. What was our first roadtrip? arkansas to your aunts

8. What was your first impression of me? quiet antisocial

9. What was the first thing you notice about me?  your white shiny shoes 

10. What is my favorite restaurant? fazzolis or sonic

11. What do we argue about most? who loves who the most

12. Who wears the pants in the relationship? we both war one leg

13. If I am watching tv what is on? youtube videos or something funny

14. What is one food i do not like? fish

15. What drink do i order when we go out? coke or sweet tea

16. What shoe size do i wear? 8

17. What is my favorite kind of sandwich? a sandwich you dont have make but mostly roostbeef 

18. What is one talent i have? good at doing cartwheels

19. What would i eat everyday if i could? ice cream 

20. What is my favorite cereal? life

21. What is my favorite music? 2000s rock

22. What is my favorite sports team? you dont have one

23. What is my eye color? hazel

24. Who is my best friend? katie 

25. What is something you do that i wish you didnt? run a fork on  a glass plate

26. Where am i from? Kansas

27. What kind of cake would you bake me for my birthday? a cake with whipped topping no icing

28. Do I play any sports? nope

29. What can i spend hours doing? watching youtube videos or doing makeup

30. If I could live anywhere, where would it be? out in the country in the middle of nowhere 

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Best drugstore primers/foundations/concealers

​Hey friends today I’m going to tell you about my favorite drugstore face primers, foundations and concealers


1. Covergirl outlast all day primer is easy to apply and take off. Its lightweight and longlasting. I never have to touch up when I use this primer. Even in the summer heat it stays in place. The cheapest place I found to buy this is target they have it for $7.19 on the website.

2. The neutrogena shine control primer is also a good one.  Its a matte finish which is awesome for all us oily girls. It also doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. Its also a lightweight primer. Its on ulta website for $13.99.


1. The covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3-in-1 foundation is my holy grail in my book. Its a matte finish  and has a spf of 20 which is awesome anytime of the year. It is a full coverage foundation. Has a good color selection especally someone as pale as me. Walmart has is for $9.47

2. Maybelline fit me foundation is a good everyday foundation. It is light to medium coverage product that you can build up and it doesnt get cakey. It blends well and has a semi matte finish which I love cause i like some shine. You can get it at walmarts website for $4.48


1. This one is an oldy but a goody it the maybelline instant age rewind dark circles treatment. The concealer doesnt crease under my eyes. It is easy to blend and easy to apply. The only bad thing I have to say about this is I wish it had different packaging. Its at target for $6.99.

2. One that came out recently that i like is the maybelline superstay better skin. Its a light weight concealer. the concealer is easy to apply and it last the whole day. The only down fall is you have to set it but that not a problem for me cause I already have to do that cause I’m an oily person. Walgreens has it for $8.99

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First time I got drunk storytime

​The first time I drank alcohol I was drinking vodka and some kind of juice. It was the summer before ninth grade and I was with my sister and her boyfriend at the time. I got so drunk I talk them in to piercing my lip. So we were all in the bathroom my sister stuck the needle in my lip and it started bleeding all over the place. Then she put the lip ring in. Finally it was all done and I had my lip pierced. My sister told me to drink more to clean it. The night ended with me and my sister both in one bathroom her over the toilet me with a bucket. A couple days later I had to take the lip ring out cause it wasn’t healing. Point of the story don’t get unprofessional piercings when you’re drunk. Disclaimer: I do not support underage drinking I was young and dumb

What’s in my purse

​Hello friends im going to give you a look in to my purse. But first off let me tell you about my purse its a black cross body bag from walmart. I’ve never been a purse carrier but I’ve recently need one cause I was going on a trip and had alot of stuff I wanted in the car with me so it was handy and now I bring it everywhere. Now lets get in this bag

First off I always have my phone and earphone so I can listen to music when bored. I also have a pack of extra spearmint gum and some blistex chapstick cause my lips are always dry and some band aid cause im prone to getting hurt or cut on anything and everything and then not knowing what really happen. I carry some ed hardy hearts and daggers perfume and secret outlast completely clean deodorant with me cause I like smelling good.  I have my key and wallet but that stuff is boring. Pad and tampons are in it to but im a girl so thats normal and that is all I carry in my purse. 

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