​Hey Friends! Im going to tell you about the stuff I’ve used up recently 

1. Secret outlast completely clean deodorant- i love the smell and i have repurchased

2. Sensodyne extra whitening toothpaste- This toothpaste was awesome on my sensitive   teeth i will be repurchasing.

3. Loreal voluminous carbon black mascara- I love this mascara its so black and makes my lashes look good. I will be repurchasing.

4. Coola natural bb cream spf 30- I love this stuff it made my face so soft and it ws so good in the summer for those no makeup day. i will repurchase this for next summer.

5. Nature Bounty hair skin and nails gummies-These taste like strawbery starburst and it really helps your skin and nails. I have repurchased.

6. Jergens Original scent lotion- This stuff is so nice on the skin it soak in to your skin so fast it amazing. I will be repurchasing.

I hope you enjoyed and if you did please follow for more to come

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