Get to know me tag 

​Hey friends! today im doing the get to know me tag 

1. What’s your middle name? louise 

2. What is your favorite color? purple

3. Who was your first best friend? probably my sister

4. How tall are you? 5’7

5. Cats or dogs? cats

6. Funniest moment in school? I have no idea 

7. Are you in college? no not yet

8. What was your favorite/worst subject in high school? fav- math wor- science

9. How many countries have you visited? only usa 

10. Whats your favorite drink? sweet tea 

11. What’s is your favorite animal? cats 

12. What is your favorite perfume? ed hardy hearts and daggers 

13. Tea or coffee? coffee in the mrning and tea any other time 

14. What will you name your children? boy malika daemon girl hazel lily 

15. What sports have you played? volleyball for one day 

16. What is your favorite book? anything with suspence

17. Who are some of some of your favorite youtubers? taylor parks, Tana, kathleenlights,

18. What is your favorite movie? anything romatic comedy

19.Are you single or taken? taken

20. What is your song at the moment? closer by chainsmokers 

21. what is your favorite food? mexican or pizza

22. Can you cook? yes 

23. Zodiac sign? aries
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