My tattoos 

1. I have a zebra print rose on my left side of my chest 

2. H – D in a spade on my right shoulder blade 

3. Part of a sleeve with tribal 2 lotus flower and a skull on my left arm. This one is my favorite 

4. I have a lotus flower on my left thigh 

5. I have I have a quote that my mom has the same one on my left shoulder blade hers is on the right 

6. I have three stars on my right leg 

7. I have an ambigram  tattoo on my right wrist that read family one way and one love the other withe a heart and Infinity sign around it 

And I have one more that’s not finished yet so I won’t share it and I’ll have pictures of most of the one I mentioned let me no in the comments if you have tattoos and how many I love to know


Products I use for my skincare


  • 5 n 1 facial cleanser brusher
  • S&t lilscrubbies
  • Simply makeup remover wipes


  • Equate beauty foaming 2 in 1 cleanser
  • Equate beauty exfoliating scrub


  • Cetaphil fragrance free moisturizing lotion 
  • L’Oréal revitalift double lifting eye treatment 
  • Eos lip balm in sweet mint 

Top 9 drugstore mascaras

1. L’Oréal carbon black voluminous 

2. Maybelline the rocket 

3. L’Oréal miss manga

4. Covergirl full lash bloom

5. Maybelline lash stiletto

6. Physician formula organic wear

7. Wet n wild mega length

8. Maybelline volume express the colossal

9. Rimmel scandal eyes curve alert 

Comment below your favorite mascara from the drugstore

5 Hidden message in songs 

1. final scream by grim reaper


Goodnight daddy 


See you in hell

2. Snow blind by Styx


I try so hard to make it so 


Satan move through our voice

3. Imagine by The Beatles


Imagine all the people


The people war beside me 

4. Hotel California by the eagles


Wake you up in the middle of the night just to hear them say 


Satan hears this he had me believe 

5. Another one bites the dust by Queen 


Another one bites the dust


It’s fun to smoke marijuana

Products I use in the shower

1 Garnier fructis triple nutrition shampoo+ conditioner

2 Garnier fructis hair damage eraser strength reconstructing butter hair mask 

3 Eos shave cream Vanilla bliss 

4 bic Soleil twilight shavers for women 

5. St. Ives moisturizing body wash in oatmeal and Shea butter

After the shower 

1.Equate advanced skin therapy lotion  

2.Comment below what products you use in the shower  

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Paranormal experiences

The first paranormal experience I ever remember having is when I was a kid I remember we had a ghost that would flush the toilet. We called him the rainbow man. He also would turn on the vacuum at night and it wouldn’t be plug in. In the same house we had one that didn’t like certain people it threw glasses out of the cabinets at one of my sister friends.  Pull pillows out from under people heads and blankets off of people.