My tattoos 

1. I have a zebra print rose on my left side of my chest 

2. H – D in a spade on my right shoulder blade 

3. Part of a sleeve with tribal 2 lotus flower and a skull on my left arm. This one is my favorite 

4. I have a lotus flower on my left thigh 

5. I have I have a quote that my mom has the same one on my left shoulder blade hers is on the right 

6. I have three stars on my right leg 

7. I have an ambigram  tattoo on my right wrist that read family one way and one love the other withe a heart and Infinity sign around it 

And I have one more that’s not finished yet so I won’t share it and I’ll have pictures of most of the one I mentioned let me no in the comments if you have tattoos and how many I love to know


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