Dyi yoga gear review

​Disclaimer: the products that I’m talking about in this blog were sent to me. But this is my honest opinion.
Today I’m going to be talking about shopdyi.com recently I’ve noticed I’ve been gaining weight so I set my new year’s resolution to get back in shape. So when the company reach out to me to receive samples I said I would love to. They sent me pants and a shirt with a build in sports bra. 

First let’s talk about the pants they are high waisted and so comfortable they hold all you extra fat in and they don’t give you muffin top. They are made so they don’t hold the sweat in but they stay dry. https://shopdyi.com/collections/bottoms/products/stripe-out-legging

The shirt is amazing and it makes my boobs look awesome. It’s also very breathe able. The shirt isn’t the same but it’s similar. https://shopdyi.com/products/flowy-draped-racer
Comment below your new year’s resolution.


3 thoughts on “Dyi yoga gear review

      1. They are worth it! Please feel free to check out my latest article, and my blog where I post every other day about men’s style and lifestyle, and check me on Instagram @tygxo99 where I post daily.


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