2 Diy lip scrubs

1. Honey sugar 

  • 1 TBS sugar
  • 1 TS honey 
  • 1 TS coconut oil 

2. Vaseline sugar 

  • 1 TBS Vaseline 
  • 1 TS sugar 

Dupes: primers 

Dupe- high end 

​elf mineral face primer- smashbox photo finish primer

nyx pore filler- benefit porefessional 
Maybelline face studio master prime- bodyshop all in one makeup primer 

Let me know if you know of anymore 

My top 10 under $5 makeup product 

​Colourpop lippies sticks- $5 

Elf eyelid primer- $1 

Rimmel natural bronzer-$5

La girl pro concealer-$3

Wet n wild comfort zone pallette- $5

Essence silk touch blush- $3

Jordana Fabu Liner- $3

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner- $4

Elf Cosmetics Eyebrow- $3

Wet n wild mega length mascara- $4

Let me know in the comment what are some of your favorite product under $5 

3 diy facial toner

1. Apple cider vinegar toner

  • 2 TBS apple cider vinegar
  • 4 TBS distilled water 
  • Lavender oil ( optional)

2. Apple mint tone 

  • 3 tsp chopped fresh mint 
  • 2 TBS apple cider vinegar 
  • 1 1/4 cups of water

The mint and the Apple has to be put in a jar with a lid at room temperature for a week before adding the water

3. Watermelon toner 

  • 2tbs fresh watermelon juice 
  • 2tbs distilled water 
  • 1tbs vodka or rubbing alcohol 

Must be stored in refrigerator after made