Ways you can use Vaseline!!!

1. Lip balm-

This is the one I use most cause my lip are always dry and it helps the most I usually do it all night right before bed.

2. Eye Makeup remover- 

I do this only when I have to it makes my eyes to greasy but it really does take off all the eye makeup.

3. Eye brow gel- 

It keeps your eyebrows in place all day.

4. Help keeps hair dye off skin- 

When your dyeing your hair at home put it on your forehead ears and neck for easy hair dye remover just wipe off the Vaseline and gone.

Comment below what you use Vaseline for.


Wet n wild review 

Recently I when out and purchase 3 ideas from wet n wild that I have been trying out for a while. So now I can give my thoughts on the products.

1. Photo focus foundation in nude ivory – I love this foundation it the perfect shade for my skin and usually the lightest shade is not pale enough for me. It doesn’t oxidize on me and it doesn’t patch up on my dry patches 

2. Contour palette in dulce de leche- I love this pallette it perfect for travel cause you have your powder and contour all in one. I love the color and how it looks on my skin 

3. Au naturel pallette in bare necessities-  This pallette I do not like it doesn’t have very good pigmentation. It looks pretty in the pallette and swatch but not on the eyelids 

babytime by episencial lotion review

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me but my opinion are my own 

Babytime by episencial snuggly lotion in aromatic cherry butter 

First off let’s start with how it smells. It smells like the Kool aid jammers. Which I like cause it takes me back to my childhood. It’s not a water based lotion it’s alot thicker and moisturize the skin amazingly. It even helps with cradle cap on babies. It’s all natural and vegan. You can pick it up at Walmart and Walgreens or on the babytimeusa.com website