Top 5 Kat von D liquid lipstick 

I love Kat von D makeup. The fact that it’s vegan is amazing so I thought I would tell you my top five liquid lipstick from her. Comment below your favorite lipstick from her.

  1. Bow n arrow
  2. Mother
  3. Lolita
  4. Lovesick
  5. Beloved 

5 beauty hacks 

Use you hair dryer on cold to dry your nails faster

Use cold water when rinsing out your conditioner to hold in the moisture and makes your hair least frizzy 

Cover grey hair with brow mascara 

Use corn starch to make your nails matte 

Use a Bobby pin to apply your eyeliner 

Self tan tips and tricks 

Exfoliate and shave is always the first rule never exfoliate or shave after. 

Use a self tanner with some tint to it so u can tell where you apply. 

Use a mitt so you don’t get self tan hands. 

Apply lotion to your known dry areas after exfoliating and let dry before applying the self tan. 

Use baby body wash to wash yourself to help the the tan last longer and oil free lotion. 

Comment below any tips or tricks you have for self tanning.

Wish haul

Blue camo flip flops

Black flip flops

Pink fade in to blue sunglasses

Black strappy bralette

Skull and roses leggings

Batman logo shirt

Black cardigan with lace skull detail in the back