Sunscreen review!

Hello FrIends! Today I want to talk about some sunscreens tell you whIch one I like and which ones I don’t I have a couple I have been testIng out and with summer here I want to tell you.

Bare republic spf 30 clearscreen sunscreen spray sport ($12.99)-

It has a strong scent which I don’t mind but I don’t like going outside in the summer smelling very fruity or floral cause bees and wasps like to chase me anyways. I haven’t seen any staining on the clothes i wear with it. I also love the fact that it is organic and cruelty free. Not the best one i have tried but not the worst either.

Banana boat Sunscreen sport spf 50 ($6.44

I love the fact that this one is unscented. It last so much longer in the sun with swimming and sweating then the other ones. This is the best one i have tried and it’s one of the cheapest.

Coola body classic sunscreen plumeria spf 30 ($32.00)

This one gave me a rash after two seconds of having it on my skin so for that reason I don’t like it. I also didn’t really like the smell it was really strong. So this is a no go in my book. 

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