Surya Brasil review


Disclaimer: These product were sent to me but the opinions are my own.

Hello friends! Today I’m going to reviewing Surya Brasil nail polishes and tinted lip balm.

Lets first start with the lip balms. They are $4.99 each. I have two which are vanilla dragon fruit and blood orange. I love the fact that these are organic and cruelty free. The vanilla dragon fruit smell like vanilla donuts and the blood orange smells like orange. They also have great ingredients for moisturization like vitamin E, coconut oil, and castor seed oil. They have a good amount of pigmentation that I need a mirror to apply. Its more like your lips but better. The vanilla one is a little lighter then blood orange but pretty much same color.

Now the nail polishes I have 3 to talk about white tiger, anteater, and hummingbird. They are $12 each. White tiger is a very pigmented white. Anteater is a dark brown. Hummingbird is a light teal with shimmer in it. Hummingbird you do have to build up a little but that’s the only one that needs build up. They are also cruelty and 7 free. I love the wood cap and the brush on this nail polish. It’s not too thick or too thin it’s perfect.

You can get all these at Every thing from the company is made in the U.S.


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