Rescueher: review

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me


I love this. Rescueher has all the items that I might need or happen to forget if I’m ever traveling or happen to stay overnight at someone house. It would also make a great gift. I love that it comes with a chain and it does fit my phone in it if I just want to grab it and go. But I just keep it in my big tote purse. It’s a $120 vaule for $49.95. It come in black white and pink.

There’s so much stuff in such a small purse. Everything for a basic full face of makeup. Even a little deodorant, that is so awesome because I can’t even count how many times I’ve walk out of my house with out deodorant. Also it has stuff for my hair, pain pills, earrings back tampon and panty liners, dental floss, nail glue, tweezers, mending kit, makeup remover wipes and a nail file