Tenth Street Alpine Beanie Review

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but the opinions are my own.

Scala Knit Beanie- Alpine

I love this hat it’s so comfortable. Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a hat when I’m wearing it. It has sequins throughout it but they not very noticeable when you’re looking at it. It has purple thread throughout it to that’s not really noticeable in less your or in the sun. It’s a one size fits all and it does have stretch to it. My boyfriend wears it more then me.


Coin Pop friends program

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18′ Beauty trend prediction

Today I’m talking all about the 2018 beauty trends that were predicted in 2017. Also seeing which one happened or not.

  1. Full lashes- happened and still here with all the lash extentions
  2. Beauty oils- happened
  3. Wider shade ranges in foundations- happened
  4. Facial rollers- happened
  5. Bright eyes- happened
  6. Lob/bob- happened
  7. All in one kits- not happened
  8. Wet and wavy hair- happened
  9. Lip tints- not happened
  10. Graphic nail design- happened

Weirdest fashion Trends in history

  1. Macaroni- Men would wear tight guady outfits with the bright white extravagant wigs. It came from the 18th century.
  2. Bullet Bras/ Pointy bras- In the 1940s women would use them because they promised maximum projection for the bosoms.
  3. Blacken teeth- In the Elizabeth era the women would blacken their to look like they could afford to buy sweets and sugar.
  4. Chopines- They were first used in the 15th centuries as clogs to keep peoples feet clean from the mud and dirt. But then they became a status symbol the highest they are.