Songs that make me happy

Hello friends!

I have a playlist of songs that I play when I’m sad or in a bad mood. I’m want to share a few of them with you. Comment below what songs make you happy

  • Ice ice baby
  • Don’t trust me
  • Pour some sugar on me
  • Smile- Uncle Cracker
  • I’m yours
  • Chicken fried

Brooklyncloth review

Hello friend!

Do you have guy in your life who could use some joggers or hoodies. Or you could use some joggers or hoodies if you are a female and like your clothes a little bit bagger then this site is for you

They have men’s and little boys clothes

I recently receive a hoodie and a pair of joggers from brooklyncloth. The hoodie is amazing and it gets softer every time I wash it. But I would have to say the pink on my hoodie is a little more toned down then what it is on the site.

The jogger are also very comfortable and warm. They are thicker then I thought they would be and I love it. They would be perfect for the winter time

Just fab review

Hello my friends!

So recently I order two pair of boots on for 39.95 for both and I have to say I was impressed with how fast they arrived at my house. It only took 6 days.

Both the pairs of boots are great quality and they are very stylish. I love them so much. The combat boots have gold accent which males them look very expensive but they are beautiful and fits true to size. They also makes my feet look small then they are. I’m a size 8. The other one are also very comfortable and also fits true to size.

Nafine boots

Bradley boots