My favorite brushes: Drugstore

Hello friends!

Today is all about drugstore blush.

  1. Wet N wild color icon in mellow wine
  2. Essence silky touch in sweetheart
  3. Elf blush palette
  4. Milani rose powder in tea rose
  5. La girl just blushing in just peachy
  6. Burt’s bees blush in bare peachy

Comment below your favorite blush from the drugstore.


Period hacks

Hello friends!

Let’s be honest all women have periods at some point in your life. Recently I went on Pinterest and tried a few when I was on my period last time. So I’m only going to share the ones that worked for me. Comment below if you have tried any of these or any other ones that have worked for you.

  • Drinking pickle juice helps with cramps.
  • Pineapple and banana also help with cramps
  • Tampons can make your period longer
  • Take vitamin e to help with pms
  • Food with b6(bananas, avocodo, eggs, and milk etc)will help with bloating

Conspiracy theories I believe

Hello friends!

Today I want to talk about conspiracy theories. But only some of the ones I believe( just remember this is just my opinion). Comment below which ones you believe.

  1. JFK was an inside job by the CIA.
  2. Brittany Murphy and her husband were murder before they could expose the government.
  3. 9/11 was an inside job.
  4. Marilyn Monroe was killed for knowing to much about the Kennedy’s
  5. Princess Diana was order to be killed by the queen

Fresame mascara review

20200205_120118_HDR~2Disclaimer: this product was sent to me but the opinion are my own.

Hello friends!

So recently I received Fresame mascara in the mail and after the first time I used it it has became my favorite everyday mascara. It’s super black. This mascara is light weight so it doesn’t weigh down the lashes or make my eyelids heavy. It also adds volume and keeps my lashes separated and holds the curl. I love it so much and I’m super picky with mascara not from the drugstore. It also doesn’t crumble all over my face. Also the packaging is super cute with being black and gold. I highly recommend this mascara. I also love supporting small business owner.