Ways I keep my hair from being dry: natural remedies

Hello friends!

This winter has taken a a lot out of my hair. Lately I’ve been doing some home remedies to combat the dryness. Comment below your home remedies for dry hair cause I’m always hoping to try more.

  • I wash my hair in luke warm water- it helps to not dry out my scalp.
  • Hot oil treatment with olive oil- add shine and takes frizz.
  • I also use mayo as a hair mask at least once a week- add protein to my hair and add more body and bounce to my hair.
  • Tea tree oil in my shampoo- to help with dry scalp.
  • Apple cider vinegar- I do this as a pre wash. I’ve notice when I use it my hair feel way cleaner and it help add the shine and body back to my hair.

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