Paranormal experiences

The first paranormal experience I ever remember having is when I was a kid I remember we had a ghost that would flush the toilet. We called him the rainbow man. He also would turn on the vacuum at night and it wouldn’t be plug in. In the same house we had one that didn’t like certain people it threw glasses out of the cabinets at one of my sister friends.  Pull pillows out from under people heads and blankets off of people.


Dream I had as a child

I had a dream as a child that we were at a motel and it was the 2 story hotels with the doors on the outside and my grandpa was on the second floor and I was on the bottom floor and he was spraying me with the house to where he was almost drowning me and I started crying and trying to hide underneath him and was knocking on doors trying to get people to let me so I could dry off a little and then my mom woke me up cause I was crying