Essential oils uses

Hello Friends! Today I’m telling you the uses for essential oil in your diffuser.

Migranes and Muscle pain- Lavender and Peppermint 

Fatigue- Peppermint 

Anxiety- Basil and Lavender

Sore throat- Lemon

Insomnia- Lavender

Cold and Flu- Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon

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Savvy travelers review 

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me. But the opinion are my own.

Hey friends! Today I’m going to be reviewing Savvy travelers. You can get all the things I’m going to talk about at 

Wipe wallet

I love this thing. It’s so handy just pop in the wipes that you think you’ll need and you have everything you might need out and about. You could even pop in some trail size medicine and be good to go.

Teeth lips and mouth wipe

This one is like mouthwash in a wipe form. It’s spearmint flavored and it takes liquid lipstick off in one swipe

Surface wipe

I use this on shopping carts or tables at fast food resturants. It smells like lemon and keeps you away from germs.

Antibacterial hand and body wipe

It smell lik aloe and hand sanitizer but it makes you hands feel so soft. 

Lens and screen wipe

I use this on my phone and sunglesses. It doesnt leave any streaks. So much better then using you shirt.

All in one facial wipe

This one is my favorite. It smells so good and takes you makeup off in one wipe.

Antiperspirant and deodorant wipe 

This one is amazing for those days I forgot deodorant in the mornings. It smell like unscented deodorant. 

Nail polish remove wipe 

I love this one for when I’m out and about and my finger nail polish start chipping. One wipe takes both hand nail polish ove its amazing.

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3 quick summer snacks

Hey friends! Today I’m going to tell you 3 af my favorite snack recipes. Comment below your favorite snacks.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream 

1 chopped frozen banana 

1 tbsp of peanut butter 

1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder 

Just blend togother in blender then freeze for 4 hours 

Frozen yogurt strawberry bites


strawberries sliced

ice cube tray 

put strawberres in the bottom then pour on yogurtin the ice cube tray then freeze 4 hours

Watermelon sherbert

6 cups watermelon cubes seedless

1 cup yogurt

blend together and freeze

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7 life hacks

Hydrogen peroxide and cold water takes a blood stain out of anything. 

Add milk to your bath to help sunburns.

Add micellar water to dry makeup remover wipes to make them like new.

Store your false lashes in a pill box to keep them safe and clean.

Make your music playlist for as long as you want your work out to be so you Know when it stops you stop.

Use wine bottles to display your jewelry or even hair ties.

Use ice cube trays to store single eyeshadow.

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Self tan tips and tricks 

Exfoliate and shave is always the first rule never exfoliate or shave after. 

Use a self tanner with some tint to it so u can tell where you apply. 

Use a mitt so you don’t get self tan hands. 

Apply lotion to your known dry areas after exfoliating and let dry before applying the self tan. 

Use baby body wash to wash yourself to help the the tan last longer and oil free lotion. 

Comment below any tips or tricks you have for self tanning.

Modelsown highlighter and liquid lipstick review 

Disclaimer: The items in this post were sent to me but the opinion our my own. 
All the items you can get at 

Sculp and glow highlighter powder in Golden sand 01 $11.99- This highlighter is amazing. It has great pigmentation and a little goes a long way. I barely tap my brush in it and tap the brush a few times and it still shines. It’s a shimmer not a glitter and it doesnt emphasize your pore. I’m in love with it.

Lix matte liquid lipstick in candy cane 08 and berry cool 07 $7.99 each- I love the formula. The colors are amazing and once they are dry they are not moving. I even scrub the swatches with soap and water on my hand and it took me three times to get it off. The passed the kiss test no transfer. They also have a mint smell