Artnatual Arabica Coffee Scurb review

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Last night I decided to test out a needle body scrub and now I’m sharing my first impression of it.

So first off it smells amazing like coffee so my bathroom smelt like a coffee shop while I was in the shower. So I like using scrubs right before I shave my legs so I can go longer between shave. So it work amazing and did what it was suppose to do but I did have to wash my legs twice after I use this scrub. It leave an oily residue on my skin. But my legs felt so soft after I got out of the shower with out putting any lotion on. I highly recommend this scrub if you are like me and use it when you shave your legs or if you just like to feel soft and silky.

Comment below if you like body scrub and which one is your favorite. Also let me know your favorite lotions cause I’m running low on all mine.


Best of Revlon

Hello friends! Today I’m telling the best product from revlon in my book.

Photoready eye primer-

Photoready prefecting primer-

Photoready skinlights in light –

Just bitten kissable in lovesick –

Baby sticks blushes in tahitian –

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Top 9 under $10: makeup

My top 2 foundations are both under $10. They are the Wet n wild photo focus and the Covergirl 3 in 1 . They both look great on my dry face. To be honest, the wet n wild one might be my top 1 but that’s only cause it’s a few dollars cheaper.

Elf eyelid primer, mineral face primer, and blush palette are all three in my top ten. They are all such amazing products. Elf has really great stuff for great price. The blushes are so pigmented. The primers holds all my makeup in place all day.

Another couple holy grail product that I love are the Maybelline age rewind concealer, Wet n wild contouring palette, Nyx soft matte lip creams , and the L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara I swear everyone on YouTubers have talked about all four of these product.


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Skincare under $10

Hello friends! Today I’m telling you top 5 under $10 skincare products.

Clearasil hydra-blast oil free fase wash seneitive- $4.97 (

Thayers witch hazel toner with rose petals- $10 (amazon)

Freeman facial polishing charcoal and black sugar-$3.27 (

Sephora green tea eye mask- $5.00(sephora)

St. Ives timeless skin moisturizer-$5.44(

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Artnatural review

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me but the opinions are my own.

Hey Friends! Today I’m going to be reviewing some products.

Bluetooth oil diffuser- I love this. I like being able to connect my phone to it and play relaxing music if i want to. I also like that it shuts off when its out of water and the fact that it has 1 3 and 6 hours runnung time.

Frankincense oils- I love this oil when my anxiety hits.

Lavender oil- This one is good for when i cant sleep and i also put in my bath.

Peppermint oil- This one i use the most alot of time during the day.

Sweet orange oil-I love the smell of this one in my room when i wake up.

Tea tree oil- I use this in my shampoo.

Eucalyptus oil- I use this when my nose is stuffed or dry.

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Cleaning products diy 

Hey friends! Today I’m going to be telling how to diy everyday household cleaning products.

Glass cleaner

1 c. water

1 c. rubbing alcohol 

1 tbsp. vinegar 

1 spray bottle
All- purpose cleaner 

1 spray bottle

2 cups of distilled water 

1 tsp borax 

1/2 tsp of dish soap

1 tsp liquid castille soap

Essentials oils of choice(i use 8 drops of lemon)


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Essential oils uses

Hello Friends! Today I’m telling you the uses for essential oil in your diffuser.

Migranes and Muscle pain- Lavender and Peppermint 

Fatigue- Peppermint 

Anxiety- Basil and Lavender

Sore throat- Lemon

Insomnia- Lavender

Cold and Flu- Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon

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Savvy travelers review 

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me. But the opinion are my own.

Hey friends! Today I’m going to be reviewing Savvy travelers. You can get all the things I’m going to talk about at 

Wipe wallet

I love this thing. It’s so handy just pop in the wipes that you think you’ll need and you have everything you might need out and about. You could even pop in some trail size medicine and be good to go.

Teeth lips and mouth wipe

This one is like mouthwash in a wipe form. It’s spearmint flavored and it takes liquid lipstick off in one swipe

Surface wipe

I use this on shopping carts or tables at fast food resturants. It smells like lemon and keeps you away from germs.

Antibacterial hand and body wipe

It smell lik aloe and hand sanitizer but it makes you hands feel so soft. 

Lens and screen wipe

I use this on my phone and sunglesses. It doesnt leave any streaks. So much better then using you shirt.

All in one facial wipe

This one is my favorite. It smells so good and takes you makeup off in one wipe.

Antiperspirant and deodorant wipe 

This one is amazing for those days I forgot deodorant in the mornings. It smell like unscented deodorant. 

Nail polish remove wipe 

I love this one for when I’m out and about and my finger nail polish start chipping. One wipe takes both hand nail polish ove its amazing.

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