8 conspiracy theories: Disney/Pixar 

1. Andy mom from toy story is boo from monster Inc 

2. Andy parents are divorcing 

3. Ariel and Hercules are cousins 

4. The parent from Frozen are Tarzan parents 

5. Peter pan was an angel that help kids get to heaven 

6. Jane from trazan is Bella from beauty and the beast 

7. The ship on little mermaid is the ship Elsa and Anna parent were on that sunk from Frozen 

8. The mom from inside out is Margo from Despicable me 


Mandela effect 

The Mandela effects that affected me. Tell me below which one you thought they were 

White out is now witeout 

Vlassic pickles is now vlasic pickle

Herbal essence is now herbal essences 

Febreeze is now febreze 

Depends is now depend 

Sex in the city is now sex and the city 

Chic fila is now chickfila 

I hope you enjoyed 

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