Review: Amourcbd cream

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me, but the opinions are my own.

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Today I’m talking about Amourcbd creamĀ  ( ). This product is great. For years I’m been struggling with RA and back pain. Which mean I’m always have some kind of joint pain especially in the winter. It works amazing and starts working like 5 to 10 minutes after I put it on. I like it a lot because with it just being something I put on my skin means I don’t have to take as much ibuprofen for my joint pain. I have only one complaint and it’s the smell even though it says it’s odor free which it is in the bottle. Once I put it on my skin and rub it in it starts to smell like tea. I’d rather it have another smell but it doesnt linger so it’s fine. And it does it’s job so I don’t hold it against it. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something to help with aches and pain that isn’t more pills. 15852557995222727394214196460654


Fresame mascara review

20200205_120118_HDR~2Disclaimer: this product was sent to me but the opinion are my own.

Hello friends!

So recently I received Fresame mascara in the mail and after the first time I used it it has became my favorite everyday mascara. It’s super black. This mascara is light weight so it doesn’t weigh down the lashes or make my eyelids heavy. It also adds volume and keeps my lashes separated and holds the curl. I love it so much and I’m super picky with mascara not from the drugstore. It also doesn’t crumble all over my face. Also the packaging is super cute with being black and gold. I highly recommend this mascara. I also love supporting small business owner.




Brooklyncloth review

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Do you have guy in your life who could use some joggers or hoodies. Or you could use some joggers or hoodies if you are a female and like your clothes a little bit bagger then this site is for you

They have men’s and little boys clothes

I recently receive a hoodie and a pair of joggers from brooklyncloth. The hoodie is amazing and it gets softer every time I wash it. But I would have to say the pink on my hoodie is a little more toned down then what it is on the site.

The jogger are also very comfortable and warm. They are thicker then I thought they would be and I love it. They would be perfect for the winter time

Just fab review

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So recently I order two pair of boots on for 39.95 for both and I have to say I was impressed with how fast they arrived at my house. It only took 6 days.

Both the pairs of boots are great quality and they are very stylish. I love them so much. The combat boots have gold accent which males them look very expensive but they are beautiful and fits true to size. They also makes my feet look small then they are. I’m a size 8. The other one are also very comfortable and also fits true to size.

Nafine boots

Bradley boots

Artnatual Arabica Coffee Scurb review

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Last night I decided to test out a needle body scrub and now I’m sharing my first impression of it.

So first off it smells amazing like coffee so my bathroom smelt like a coffee shop while I was in the shower. So I like using scrubs right before I shave my legs so I can go longer between shave. So it work amazing and did what it was suppose to do but I did have to wash my legs twice after I use this scrub. It leave an oily residue on my skin. But my legs felt so soft after I got out of the shower with out putting any lotion on. I highly recommend this scrub if you are like me and use it when you shave your legs or if you just like to feel soft and silky.

Comment below if you like body scrub and which one is your favorite. Also let me know your favorite lotions cause I’m running low on all mine.

Benefit They’re real mascara review

After using it once It immediately became my favorite mascara. It stays on for a very long time and gives your lashes a special pop. I already have long curled eye lashes to begin with but after using this it increases the curl and length and makes them look fake. No matter what color you buy they all make your eye and lashes pop and look amazing. The only default of this mascara is it takes forever to take off with out the right cleanser. To take it off i use and it comes off fine, but any other cleanser it doesn’t come off easily. This mascara gives your lashes a flair that no other mascara has ever done for me. This is my holygrail mascara and if you want a amazing lengthening mascara this is definitely a go too. Comment below your favorite mascara.


Eva NYC Tone it Down blonde leave-in foam: review

As a blonde, I hate nothing worse than when my platinum locks start to look brassy. So when a product come out promising to neutralize the brassiness while leaving my hair soft, shiny and manageable, I’m all for giving it a try. So when I received a free sample from PINCHMe, I did just that. I was skeptical. How can a foam do all that it promises-you know, tone down brassiness, give it a healthy dose of vitamins and oils, soften and leave locks shiny.

I use it when I don’t use purple shampoo and conditioner in the shower to prolong the time in between the time between and it works amazing. Also I don’t use very much because it could turn my hair purple and it would make my hair greasy. It also smells amazing and it does its job. I would highly recommend this product for all the blonde people out in the world.

Top 5 face mask

1. Farmacy hydrating coconut gel sheet mask- I use this one when I’m feeling extremely dry and it hydrates my skin the best.

2. Starskin behind the sences balancing sheet mask- I use this one when I’m having a lot of break outs and it clears them up.

3. Soo as charcoal clay bubble mask- I use this one when my face is feeling extra dirty with black head and it cleans them all out. Also this feels funny on the skin but I love it.

4. Rest recipe peach mask- I use this one when I’m feeling like my face need just a little more hydration.

5. Farmacy brightening coconut gel sheet mask- I use this one when I’m feeling like my dark spot or my acne scars are starting to looking more noticeable.

Quinoaplex R3 review

I used to dyed and bleached my hair alot in the past so I have had some slight hairloss but using this I have seen a big difference then what it used to be. I can see in some spots on where it’s growing back because of this. Like some products I have used before there isn’t an overpowering smell to it. To me it smells like coconut, which I love. Which also made my hair feel softer then what it was before. Also I love using a little bit in the hair dye while I mixing it so it won’t cause as much damage to my hair.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me, but the opinion is my own.

Tenth Street Alpine Beanie Review

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but the opinions are my own.

Scala Knit Beanie- Alpine

I love this hat it’s so comfortable. Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a hat when I’m wearing it. It has sequins throughout it but they not very noticeable when you’re looking at it. It has purple thread throughout it to that’s not really noticeable in less your or in the sun. It’s a one size fits all and it does have stretch to it. My boyfriend wears it more then me.