Paranormal experiences

The first paranormal experience I ever remember having is when I was a kid I remember we had a ghost that would flush the toilet. We called him the rainbow man. He also would turn on the vacuum at night and it wouldn’t be plug in. In the same house we had one that didn’t like certain people it threw glasses out of the cabinets at one of my sister friends.  Pull pillows out from under people heads and blankets off of people.


First time I got drunk storytime

‚ÄčThe first time I drank alcohol I was drinking vodka and some kind of juice. It was the summer before ninth grade and I was with my sister and her boyfriend at the time. I got so drunk I talk them in to piercing my lip. So we were all in the bathroom my sister stuck the needle in my lip and it started bleeding all over the place. Then she put the lip ring in. Finally it was all done and I had my lip pierced. My sister told me to drink more to clean it. The night ended with me and my sister both in one bathroom her over the toilet me with a bucket. A couple days later I had to take the lip ring out cause it wasn’t healing. Point of the story don’t get unprofessional piercings when you’re drunk. Disclaimer: I do not support underage drinking I was young and dumb