According to my sign

Hello friend!

Recently I have been looking my sign and seeing if I relate to it. Comment below your sign.

So according to it.

  • Sign: aries
  • Job: surgeon ( I don’t like blood )
  • House: Suburban ranch style ( I love ranch style homes)
  • Car: Jeep in bright color ( I love jeeps but in black)
  • Style: simple and comfortable, bold colors, starts fashion trends, wants the latest items
  • Personality: highly competitive, natural leader, lose patience, risk taker

Weirdest fashion Trends in history

  1. Macaroni- Men would wear tight guady outfits with the bright white extravagant wigs. It came from the 18th century.
  2. Bullet Bras/ Pointy bras- In the 1940s women would use them because they promised maximum projection for the bosoms.
  3. Blacken teeth- In the Elizabeth era the women would blacken their to look like they could afford to buy sweets and sugar.
  4. Chopines- They were first used in the 15th centuries as clogs to keep peoples feet clean from the mud and dirt. But then they became a status symbol the highest they are.

Top 9 under $10: makeup

My top 2 foundations are both under $10. They are the Wet n wild photo focus and the Covergirl 3 in 1 . They both look great on my dry face. To be honest, the wet n wild one might be my top 1 but that’s only cause it’s a few dollars cheaper.

Elf eyelid primer, mineral face primer, and blush palette are all three in my top ten. They are all such amazing products. Elf has really great stuff for great price. The blushes are so pigmented. The primers holds all my makeup in place all day.

Another couple holy grail product that I love are the Maybelline age rewind concealer, Wet n wild contouring palette, Nyx soft matte lip creams , and the L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara I swear everyone on YouTubers have talked about all four of these product.


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Makeup/ skincare hacks

Hello friends! Today I’m coming at you with some makeup hacks. Comment below any hack you have tried.

Apply hair gel to your lashes before curling them to make the curl last longer.

Use face oil under your eyes before applying you concealer.

Put peppermint oil on your lips to give you plumper lips.

Keep your eye creams in the fridge to help with puffy eyes.

Use white eyeliner in the middle of your lips before you put lipstick on to make them look bigger and give you and ombre lip. 
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1. Verydice- you roll dice to get ticket and once you have so many you can basically get anything you want, and they come from Amazon. If you download use my code 203603

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6 things I can’t live without!!

​Today I’m telling you 6 things I can’t live without. Let me know in the comment the things you can’t live without. Also follow me on twitter/ Snapchat: alllthingssmake

1. My family- Even though they are the biggest pains in the butt sometimes I love them

2. My boyfriend- He makes my bad days so much better and I wouldn’t want to spend my days with anyone else 

3.Friends- they are more people that mean so much to me 

4.My cats- I love them so much they all have a different personality and I love them so much 

5. My phone- it’s like my life line it has my music my games and everything I would want all in one place 

6.My makeup- cause it something that relaxes me like no other.l

Get to know me tag 

​Hey friends! today im doing the get to know me tag 

1. What’s your middle name? louise 

2. What is your favorite color? purple

3. Who was your first best friend? probably my sister

4. How tall are you? 5’7

5. Cats or dogs? cats

6. Funniest moment in school? I have no idea 

7. Are you in college? no not yet

8. What was your favorite/worst subject in high school? fav- math wor- science

9. How many countries have you visited? only usa 

10. Whats your favorite drink? sweet tea 

11. What’s is your favorite animal? cats 

12. What is your favorite perfume? ed hardy hearts and daggers 

13. Tea or coffee? coffee in the mrning and tea any other time 

14. What will you name your children? boy malika daemon girl hazel lily 

15. What sports have you played? volleyball for one day 

16. What is your favorite book? anything with suspence

17. Who are some of some of your favorite youtubers? taylor parks, Tana, kathleenlights,

18. What is your favorite movie? anything romatic comedy

19.Are you single or taken? taken

20. What is your song at the moment? closer by chainsmokers 

21. what is your favorite food? mexican or pizza

22. Can you cook? yes 

23. Zodiac sign? aries
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100 facts about me tag

​Hey friends! Today im doing the 100 facts about me tag

1. my name is makayla

2. I’m addicted to youtube videos

3. I was born in Kansas

4. I grew up in Arkansas 

5. I live in Illinois now 

6. My favorite color is purple

7. I am happily taken

8. My longest relationship is 2 years and counting 

9. I listen to mostly rock music 

10. Im addicted to makeup

11. My favorite drink is sweet tea 

12. My favorite food is pizza

13. My first job was at Sonic

14. I have 2 sibilings 1 brother and 1 sister 

15. I’m the youngest 

16.  My favorite color to wear is black

17. My favorite place to shop is forever 21

18. I’m a shy person

19. I don’t like to drink 

20. I’m 22 years old 

21. My birthday is march 23 

22. I have 8 tattoos and planning on more 

23. My favorite shows are basically anything on freeform

24. I’ve had 7 piercings in my lifetime i only have 3 now 

25. I am a aunt to 1 niece and 2 nephews

26. I am a night person

27. I am a natural blonde 

28. I’m a clumsy person

29. Im allergic to most metals in jewelry

30. I hate spring cause i have bad allergies 

31. My favorite scent is vanilla 

32.  My second job was at walmart

33.  I met my boyfriend in Tulsa Oklahoma 

34. I wear glasses but only when i read 

35. I am a very pale person 

36. I’m 75 percent german and 25 percent jewish

37.  My mom and dad are divorce 

38. They got divorces when i was 5

39. My favorite fast food place is sonic 

40. My favorite subject in school was math

41. I want two kids 1 boy and 1 girl 

42. My favorite cereal is life 

43. My best friend is my boyfriend 

44. My favorite candy is kit kat 

45. I already have my further kids naes planned out 

46. My favorite soda is mountain dew 

47. My favorite number is 21 

48. I lose things easily 

49. I’m bad at styling hair 

50. I am a side sleeper 

51.  I wear a size 8 in shoes 

52. I am a animal lover

53. My blood type is o positive

54. I took 2 years of spanish in highschool but still cant talk any of it 

55. Im addicted to my phone 

56. I had 2 pet baby lambs when i was a kid 

57. I love mexican food

58. My favorite holiday is halloween 

59. I had staples in the back of my head when i was a kid 

60.  I love coffee in the mornings 

61. My favorite cake is red velvet 

62. I hate butter cream icings 

63. I am a picky eater

64. Im allergic to mostly all medicines

65. I hate tomatos

66. I used to love scary movies 

67. I hate bugs 

68. Im allegic to bee and wasps and fire ants

69. I look like my moms side of the family 

70. I am highly ticklish 

71. I am not religious 

72. My favorite flowers are the fire lily and lotus 

73. I dont like rap music 

74. I only dream when i have nightmares 

75. I played volleyball in middle school for one day 

76. I hate fish 

77. I hold gruges forever 

78. I hate mushrooms 

79.  I have wavy hair 

80. My favorite animal is cat 

81. I live in hoodies 

82. I love to cook 

83. I get bored easily 

84. I am paeanoid when im riding in a car with someone

85. I have never been on a plane and dont plan on it 

86. I broke all my toes at one time when i was a kid 

87. I also chip my ball in socket when i was a kid 

88. I dont have my driver license 

89. Ive been in 9 states in my life 

90 Ive moved so much a could be a professional mover 

91. My nicknames are kayla or kk or kaylamay

92. I love potato any way 

93. I’m a good listener 

94. I love to sing but im bad at it 

95. My music taste is stuck in the 2000s

96. I read all the twilight books and once owned all the movies on dvd

97. I love candy 

98. I love road trips 

99. I get told i look like am still in highscholl all the time 

100. write hi in the comments if you read all these

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