Top 9 under $10: makeup

My top 2 foundations are both under $10. They are the Wet n wild photo focus and the Covergirl 3 in 1 . They both look great on my dry face. To be honest, the wet n wild one might be my top 1 but that’s only cause it’s a few dollars cheaper.

Elf eyelid primer, mineral face primer, and blush palette are all three in my top ten. They are all such amazing products. Elf has really great stuff for great price. The blushes are so pigmented. The primers holds all my makeup in place all day.

Another couple holy grail product that I love are the Maybelline age rewind concealer, Wet n wild contouring palette, Nyx soft matte lip creams , and the L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara I swear everyone on YouTubers have talked about all four of these product.



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My tattoos 

1. I have a zebra print rose on my left side of my chest 

2. H – D in a spade on my right shoulder blade 

3. Part of a sleeve with tribal 2 lotus flower and a skull on my left arm. This one is my favorite 

4. I have a lotus flower on my left thigh 

5. I have I have a quote that my mom has the same one on my left shoulder blade hers is on the right 

6. I have three stars on my right leg 

7. I have an ambigram  tattoo on my right wrist that read family one way and one love the other withe a heart and Infinity sign around it 

And I have one more that’s not finished yet so I won’t share it and I’ll have pictures of most of the one I mentioned let me no in the comments if you have tattoos and how many I love to know