According to my sign

Hello friend!

Recently I have been looking my sign and seeing if I relate to it. Comment below your sign.

So according to it.

  • Sign: aries
  • Job: surgeon ( I don’t like blood )
  • House: Suburban ranch style ( I love ranch style homes)
  • Car: Jeep in bright color ( I love jeeps but in black)
  • Style: simple and comfortable, bold colors, starts fashion trends, wants the latest items
  • Personality: highly competitive, natural leader, lose patience, risk taker

Beauty /fashion trends 2020

Hello friends!
Today I want to talk about the beauty and fashion trends on the year 2020. Comment below what you are looking forward to this year.
Bucket hat
Neon colors
Colorful leather
Rose print
Disco collars
Rope belt
Knotted handbands
Hair clips
Pastel eyeshadow
Pops of neon
Pink blush
Red Smokey eyes
Bright mascara

Brooklyncloth review

Hello friend!

Do you have guy in your life who could use some joggers or hoodies. Or you could use some joggers or hoodies if you are a female and like your clothes a little bit bagger then this site is for you

They have men’s and little boys clothes

I recently receive a hoodie and a pair of joggers from brooklyncloth. The hoodie is amazing and it gets softer every time I wash it. But I would have to say the pink on my hoodie is a little more toned down then what it is on the site.

The jogger are also very comfortable and warm. They are thicker then I thought they would be and I love it. They would be perfect for the winter time

Skincare Myths

Hello friends!

So recently I have been looking up skincare myths and I have came across some that I have heard and believed. Comment below if you believed these myth.

  • You should choose skincare products based on your age.
  • Drinking water hydrates your skin.
  • Pores open and close with heat and cold.
  • You will get acne if you indulge in junk food.
  • You do not need sunscreen on an overcast day.

Fall fashion 2019

Hey friends!

Let’s talk about fashion and the trends that are happening in fall of 2019.


  • Satin
  • Leather
  • Lace
  • Feathers
  • Fleece


  • Spots
  • Plaid
  • Asymmetrical neckline
  • Square neckline
  • Quilt patchwork


  • Jewel tones
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Deep creamy yellow
  • Soft nutty brown


  • Capes
  • Suits
  • Polo
  • Sweater vest


  • Itsy bitsy bags
  • Statement hats


Tenth Street Alpine Beanie Review

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but the opinions are my own.

Scala Knit Beanie- Alpine

I love this hat it’s so comfortable. Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a hat when I’m wearing it. It has sequins throughout it but they not very noticeable when you’re looking at it. It has purple thread throughout it to that’s not really noticeable in less your or in the sun. It’s a one size fits all and it does have stretch to it. My boyfriend wears it more then me.

18′ Beauty trend prediction

Today I’m talking all about the 2018 beauty trends that were predicted in 2017. Also seeing which one happened or not.

  1. Full lashes- happened and still here with all the lash extentions
  2. Beauty oils- happened
  3. Wider shade ranges in foundations- happened
  4. Facial rollers- happened
  5. Bright eyes- happened
  6. Lob/bob- happened
  7. All in one kits- not happened
  8. Wet and wavy hair- happened
  9. Lip tints- not happened
  10. Graphic nail design- happened