Mac Dupes

High-end- dupe

Mac fix plus- nivea aqua effects refreshing toner 

Mac twig lipstick- rimmel rosseto 08 

Mac snob lipstick- nyx power lipstick 

Mac strobe cream- L’Oréal lumi base primer 

Mac whirl lip liner- nyx mauve lip liner 

Mac blankety lipstick- wet n wild Fergie daily lipstick 


4 favorite quotes

” it hurts because it mattered” John green 

“Ge smak Daun, gyon op nodotaim” the 100 tv show it means get knocked down, get back up 

“It doesn’t matter that she fell apart, it’s how she put herself​ back together” Atticus 

“Be like snow cold but beautiful” Lana del Rey 

Comment below your favorite quotes 

2 apps that give you free stuff/money

1. Verydice- you roll dice to get ticket and once you have so many you can basically get anything you want, and they come from Amazon. If you download use my code 203603

2. Applike- you download​ games to play and the longer you play the more points you get and you can turn it in to PayPal money. Use this like to download.

Please let me know if you download either one of them. 

YouTube made me buy: drugstore edition 

Yesterday I put up the high-end version today I’m doing the drugstore edition so these are the products YouTube made me buy at the drugstore.

1. Wet n wild eyeshadow trio in walking on eggshells- this is and amazing product that has great pigmentation that is only 3 dollars 

2. Covergirl lash blast fushion- this is not the best mascara I every tried but it’s also not the worst I probably will try it again at some point but not at the moment 

3. Nyx eyeshadow stick in milk-  this went around on YouTube so much so I had to buy it I liked it even though I don’t use it any more 

4. Elf eyeshadow primer-  I still use this stuff every time I do my makeup it so affordable and keeps my eyeshadow on all day

5. Nyx butter gloss-  I love the formula and they have great pigmentation  

6. Sally Hansen nail polish in mint sorbet-  I love this color for spring and summer it’s my go to color 

7. Maybelline age rewind concealer-  one of my favorite under eye concealer it doesn’t crease 

8. Colourpop eyeshadow in I heart this-  I no this isn’t a drugstore product but it’s drugstore prices and I love the color so much 

9. Physician formula butter bronzer-  I love this stuff for warming up my pale skin 

10. Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation-  I didn’t like this at all it oxidized so bad on my skin and the fact that the shade aren’t light enough for my skin made it worst 

High end product YouTube made me buy 

If you are anything like me you like watching YouTube videos and mostly makeup videos that recommend alot of makeup product some good some not so good. Here is the list of products that YouTube made me buy and what worked for me and what didn’t 

  1. Urban decay eyeshadow palettes- I bought 1 and 2. I like the first one alot more then the second but they both have great pigmentation 
  2. Kat von D shade and light contour palette- I love this product it was definitely worth the hype 
  3. Mac fix plus-  I also love this product I used it almost every day for multiple things 
  4. Morphe 350 eyeshadow palette-   this has great pigmentation but I don’t really like warm color for my skin tone 
  5. Too faced better then sex mascara-  this is a great mascara but I’m more of a drug store mascara type of person cause how often you have to buy them.
  6. Kat von D liquid lipstick on Lolita-  this is one of my favorite lippies of all time 
  7. Benefit give me brows –  I love this stuff also another fav 
  8. Makeup geek eyeshadow-  the pigmentation is great in these eyeshadow and I love them so much 
  9. NAR orgasm blush- I did not like this for my pale skin tone but it has great pigmentation 
  10. Mac mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle- this is the best highlight I have ever used it makes my skin look so flawless 

Comment below the products YouTube made u buy and let me know if you like them or not.

Mandela effect 

The Mandela effects that affected me. Tell me below which one you thought they were 

White out is now witeout 

Vlassic pickles is now vlasic pickle

Herbal essence is now herbal essences 

Febreeze is now febreze 

Depends is now depend 

Sex in the city is now sex and the city 

Chic fila is now chickfila 

I hope you enjoyed 

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