Top 10 Pinterest beauty hacks

​Hey friends today im going give you my top ten pinterest beauty hacks 

1. Put vaseline around your nail when you paint your nails so can wipe off the stuff that got around your nails. I do this all the time especially on my right hand since I’m right handed.

2. Use coconut oil to remover your eye makeup it gets everything off plus add moisture to your dry lashes.

3. To create the perfect cat eeye look with eyeshadow and your scare to put tape on your face just use your baking powder where you would put the tape then do your eyes the powder will catch the eyeshadow and then you can just sweep it away with a brush when your done.

4. If your in a pinch and run out of eyeshadow primer use vaseline it will keep your shadow on longer.

5. Have white shoe that always get dirty use nail polish remover to clean them right up. I just tested thisone and it works now Ihave to dothe other shoe cause it looks bad now.

6. Put your dried out mascara in a cup of warm water for 1 to 2 more uses so you dont have to go without mascara.

7. Put olive oil  on your feet them put socks on for an hour or go to bed then wash it off  when you wake up and your feet will be so soft.

8. Use a bobby pin to make a blush brush into a contour brush. Just pinch the rush and put the bobby pin across the middle of the bristles and you got your self a contour brush.

9. To grow your eye brows/ eyelashes use aloe vera or castor oil. I would recommend at night just throw it on before bed and sleep with it on.

10. You can make your lips bigger one of two ways either put a lighter lip stick/ gloss in the middle of your lips or use a shimmer white eyeshadow in the middle it will give your lips some dimension.

I hope you guys enjoy and if you did mae sure you push the follow button for more to come 

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