What’s in my purse

​Hello friends im going to give you a look in to my purse. But first off let me tell you about my purse its a black cross body bag from walmart. I’ve never been a purse carrier but I’ve recently need one cause I was going on a trip and had alot of stuff I wanted in the car with me so it was handy and now I bring it everywhere. Now lets get in this bag

First off I always have my phone and earphone so I can listen to music when bored. I also have a pack of extra spearmint gum and some blistex chapstick cause my lips are always dry and some band aid cause im prone to getting hurt or cut on anything and everything and then not knowing what really happen. I carry some ed hardy hearts and daggers perfume and secret outlast completely clean deodorant with me cause I like smelling good.  I have my key and wallet but that stuff is boring. Pad and tampons are in it to but im a girl so thats normal and that is all I carry in my purse. 

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