5 last minute Halloween costumes

​Hey friends! Today Im going to tell you five last minute costume ideas whos excited for halloween i know i am 

Burglar costume

-a black and white striped shirt 

-black pants 

-a black beanie 

-a black eye mask

-bag with a dollar sign and fake money (optional)

wheres waldo costume

– red and white striped shirt 

-blue pants

-red beanie

-a pair of glasses

Velma from scooby doo

– orange turtleneck sweater

-red skirt

– orange knee high socks

– nerd glasses

Shaggy from scooby doo 

– green shirt 

-brown or khaki pants

– brown messy hair 

– cookie box saying scooby snacks

cow girl

-plaid shirt

-ripped jeans or shorts 

– cowboy hat 

– boots 

I hope you enjoyed and if you did make sure to push the follow button for more to come 

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